Things To Do

Experience Snowy Slopes, a thrilling 60-foot tall, 400-foot long snow tubing hill. Enjoy single tubing, tandem tubing, or 10-person tubing with the whole family.

Delight in playing in the snow at Snowcat Ridge’s Arctic Igloo. Enjoy a snowy wonderland with activities like snowman building and snowball target practice, perfect for all ages to enjoy.

Experience the enchanting music and light show at Snowcat Ridge’s. Enjoy a mesmerizing spectacle of lights set to music, creating a magical atmosphere during your visit.

Experience the magic of ice skating on the Crystal Ribbon, a real outdoor skating ribbon and beginner oval at Snowcat Ridge. Glide under Florida’s sun by day and a mesmerizing music and light show by night.

Get ready to meet the coolest cat on the slopes, Flurry the snow leopard! Flurry’s cozy den is your opportunity to share your winter experience with Flurry and create cherished memories with the most playful snow leopard around.

Join the Snow Queen as she captivates you with heartwarming and exciting winter themed tales. Her storytelling will transport you to a world of imagination, where winter magic knows no bounds.

Experience the thrill of snow tubing on the Bunny Slope at Snowcat Ridge’s Arctic Igloo. Perfect for young riders under 42 inches tall, it’s winter fun tailored just for them.

Kids, prepare for endless fun at the Peppermint Play Zone! This candy-themed wonderland offers games, activities, and a playground to keep little ones entertained with laughter and joy for hours.

Indulge in the cozy tradition of roasting s’mores around a fire at Snowcat Ridge’s Alpine Village. Share delicious treats while taking in the Snowy Slopes music and light show.

Embark on a thrilling adventure at Snowcat Ridge with an exciting scavenger hunt. Explore the winter wonderland and discover hidden treasures as you solve clues and earn a special reward at the end of the hunt.

Create lasting memories at Snowcat Ridge with numerous photo opportunities in the Alpine Village. Capture the magic of your visit against the enchanting backdrop of this winter wonderland.

Eskimo Outpost offers a perfect venue for birthdays, company events, and family outings near Snowy Slopes. It includes three private igloos, each accommodating up to 25 guests.

Places to Eat, Drink, & Shop

Explore Glaciers Gifts, a charming market filled with exciting and fun treasures. Find something special to remember your magical visit to Snowcat Ridge.

Browse the Cozy Cabin gift shop at Snowcat Ridge’s Alpine Village. Find a delightful array of souvenirs and gifts to bring the enchantment of your visit home with you.

Discover delightful souvenirs and gifts at the entrance of Snowcat Ridge, where the gift kiosk awaits. Bring home a piece of the winter wonderland magic from your visit.

Savor delicious bites at Oh My Grill!, located in Snowcat Ridge’s food court within the Alpine Village. Enjoy a variety of mouthwatering options to fuel your snowy adventure.

Indulge in delectable sweets and desserts at Sunkissed Sweets in the Alpine Village food court at Snowcat Ridge. Treat yourself to a delightful array of sugary delights.

Satisfy your cravings with a slice of pizza from Wild Pines Pizza at Snowcat Ridge’s Alpine Village food court. Enjoy a delicious and savory meal during your snowy adventure.

Relish the flavors of tacos and wings at Vato’s Tacos & Wings! In Snowcat Ridge’s Alpine Village food court. Savor a tasty combination of Mexican and American cuisines.

Quench your thirst with a diverse range of refreshing beverages at Refreshers, located at the Crystal Ribbon in Snowcat Ridge’s Alpine Village. Stay hydrated and energized during your icy adventures.

Warm up with coffee, hot chocolate, and more at Decadent Drinks in Snowcat Ridge’s Alpine Village food court. Sip on delicious beverages to enhance your winter wonderland experience.

Sip and savor a diverse selection of craft beer at the Biergarten in Snowcat Ridge’s Alpine Village food court, adding a delightful touch to your snowy adventure.

Satisfy your pizza cravings at Slices & Co. in Snowcat Ridge’s Eskimo Outpost. Enjoy delicious slices while surrounded by the winter wonderland’s enchanting atmosphere.

Stay refreshed with a diverse array of beverages at Refreshers, found at Snowcat Ridge’s Eskimo Outpost. Enjoy a wide selection of drinks to enhance your snowy adventure experience.