The Arctic Igloo features a snow play area (great for building the perfect snowman) and a bunny slope for riders under 42″ tall, designed especially for children 3 years old and younger.

Each General Admission ticket includes all-day access to the Arctic Igloo and Alpine Village, until park closing. A General Admission ticket is required for all guests 2 years old and older.

  • The Arctic Igloo temperatures (being “arctic” and an “igloo”) hover around 30 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Guests must wear appropriate clothing. This is real snow! Snow is wet, cold and slippery. We recommend wearing warm, water-resistant clothes including gloves and boots. Layering is also recommended, as you might start out cold and then gradually warm up as you play in the snow. You may also consider bringing a change of clothing. If you don’t own any winter clothing, Snowcat Ridge sells basic snow gear like hats, gloves and jackets.
  • The Arctic Igloo may close temporarily for snow grooming, at which time all guests must exit the Arctic Igloo until snow grooming is completed.
  • The capacity of the Arctic Igloo is limited. Should the Arctic Igloo reach maximum capacity, additional guests will be admitted to the Arctic Igloo when the number of guests inside has reduced below capacity.
  • Snow can become compacted over time as you and other guests walk upon it, and we have a limited number of plastic snow toys which can be used to break up any compacted snow which you may encounter. Additional snow toys can be purchased at the gift shop.
  • Guests may not throw snowballs or engage in “snow fights”.
  • Guests may not eat the snow.
  • All snow must remain inside of the Arctic Igloo and must not be removed from the Arctic Igloo.
  • The bunny slope is for riders under 42″ tall, designed especially for children 3 years old and younger.
  • Riders must wear closed toed secure shoes.
  • Riders must secure loose articles. Hats must be worn backwards or removed during the ride.
  • Phones, cameras and video equipment may not be used during the ride.
  • For your safety, please hold onto the snow tube handle(s) while the ride is in motion.
  • Remain seated during the ride until the snow tube comes to a complete stop.
  • When exiting the ride, walk directly to the exit. Whenever possible, do not walk onto other snow tubing lanes.
  • Riders must use the snow tubing equipment provided by Snowcat Ridge and may not bring their own equipment.
Snowy Slopes
Alpine Village