NEW FOR 2023!

Step into a wintry wonderland where the thrill of the season comes alive! Tucked within the enchanting landscape of Snowcat Ridge, Flurry’s Outpost is your gateway to an extraordinary winter adventure. Immerse yourself in the excitement and charm of winter as you embark on a memorable exploration through Flurry’s Outpost.

Access to Flurry’s Outpost is included with each park admission ticket.

Flurry’s Outpost will be open now through February 25th, 2024!

Flurry’s Meet & Greet

Get ready to meet the coolest cat on the slopes, Flurry the snow leopard! Flurry’s cozy den is your opportunity to share your winter experience with Flurry and create cherished memories with the most playful snow leopard around. Flurry’s bright eyes and playful antics will fill your heart with the true joy of winter.

A meet and greet with Flurry is included with each park admission ticket.

Flurry will be in his cozy den each day starting one hour after Snowcat Ridge opens until one hour before Snowcat Ridge closes. See Flurry’s complete schedule here.

Upgrade to the Flurry Photo Express Lane Package!

Capture your special holiday memories with the upgraded Flurry Photo Express Lane Package, available at checkout exclusively through the Snowcat Ridge online tickets page.

The Flurry Photo Express Lane Package includes:

  • Access to the Flurry Express Lane, with shorter wait time to meet Flurry
  • All digital photos
  • Two (2) printed 6″ x 8″ photos

Please note the Flurry Photos Express Lane Package does not include General Admission, which is also required to enter the park.

Story Time with the Snow Queen

Join the Snow Queen as she captivates you with heartwarming and exciting winter themed tales. Her storytelling will transport you to a world of imagination, where winter magic knows no bounds. It’s a moment of enchantment for the young and young at heart.

Storytime with the Snow Queen is included with each park admission ticket.

Storytime with the Snow Queen starts one hour after Snowcat Ridge opens until one hour before Snowcat Ridge closes. See the Snow Queens’ complete schedule here.

Glaciers Gifts

Looking for that perfect gift or souvenir? Explore Glaciers Gifts, a charming market filled with exciting and fun treasures. Find something special to remember your magical visit to Snowcat Ridge. You’ll discover a world of winter delights at every turn.

Peppermint Play Zone

Kids, get ready to let your spirits soar in our Peppermint Play Zone! This vibrant, candy-themed area is filled with games, activities, and a playground that will keep the little ones entertained for hours. It’s a place where fun and laughter are in endless supply.

Please note that the Peppermint Play Zone is limited to guests 7 years old and younger. Should the Peppermint Play Zone reach maximum capacity, additional guests will be admitted to the Peppermint Play Zone when the number of guests inside has reduced below capacity.

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